About Us

The PurplePeep Co. is a great ol’ corporation, founded in 1876 by a man named Luigi Rizzioli. Luigi was a great man who had great ideas for the world. He originally founded the company as Indigo Industries.

Luigi originally created Indigo Industries as an outlet for his grand inventions, and as an outlet for other inventors like himself. Of course, that was more than 140 years ago. The company has evidently changed since then.

Nowadays, PurplePeep Co. is now maintained by Luigi’s great-great-great-great-grandson Dominic Rizzioli. In the modern day and age, PurplePeep Co. is a lot like Indigo Industries. They are both aimed at creative beings and their creative ideas. They are both the same in essence, really.

Wait. Did you believe all that?

Haha. You gullible little dumb-dumbs. There is no “Luigi Rizzioli” or “Dominic Rizzioli”. There wasn’t even an “Indigo Industries”. I just made PurplePeep Co. because I was just bored one day.

As for what PurplePeep Co. is all about, it’s just some thing. A way for my friends and I to be even more weird than we already are. Just a “corporation” made for the purpose of us being goofballs. Nothing else, really.

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